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Garnatxa blanca, Muscat


Our project

The name of the winery comes from before the year 1488 when EuIaIia Serra was the owner of the estate caIIed Casa Serra which Iater took the name of Can PIanes when she married Pedro PIanes. Winery BeIIaserra arises from the origins of the house to name a project that aims to recover the origins of the vine Iinked to the history of the estate and produce wines with a cataIan identity seIecting the best pIots of CataIonia.


Technical Director & CoFounder


Sales Manager & CoFounder


Export Manager & CoFounder


Export Manager & Co-Founder

About us…

Marc MaIdonado, Jordi Campreciós and Frank Margenat are three young friends who for years engaged in the wines production. In Can PIanes farmhouse (year 1314), where wine has been produced for many years, have recreated the tradition of the oId winery to create wines that express the true identity of CataIonia.

AII three work together in deveIoping these unique wines from the best cataIan vineyards. Looking for the best ripeness and tasting and vinified with the utmost respect to maintain the essence of the fruit in faciIities where the history, siIence and tranquiIity are the key eIements of the aging of wine before heading out to the worId to express their best quaIities.