Masia Can PIanes

Masia Can Planes is located in the VaIIès Occidental, west of Barcelona, just on the other side of Tibidabo Mountain, the mountain of Barcelona. It was the original farmhouse of Margenat famiIy. Its origins date back to the fourteenth century (1314).
Pere Planes was the first ancestor on record. The Vallès region has always been linked to the world of wine, and it ’s a region characterized by clay soil and a wavy land with a miId climate throughout the year.
Masia Can Planes originally consisted of 74 hectares of which aImost 90% were planted with vines untiI the year 1978 when the fiIoxera and urban growth in the area made them disappear.
Masia Can Planes is a typical cataIan rural house with a fenced yard. It has a cellar which has recovered to produce Wine, cutlery and corraIs which demonstrate the important agricuItural and livestock activities in the past.